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List Bedtime African Stories

The Iron Man and the Blacksmith ~ Folktale Stories for Kids
Fur and Feathers ~ 5 Min Bedtime Stories for Kids
Kone ~ Legend Stories for Kids
The Magic Twigs ~ Short Story for Kids
The Prince & His Three Fates ~ Short Story for Kids
Classic fairy tale of a plucky youngest daughter Beauty and a monstrous beast.
To save a prince, a maiden must give up what is most valuable to her.
A Story of Courage, Friendship and Love, from Scotland. A lad spends his life searching for a maiden who appeared in his dream.
An old man grows a giant turnip. A Russian folktale.
Princess Kate and her sister flee the palace to try to break an evil spell.
Baba Yaga: A classic Russian Fairytale in Early Reader version. Natasha is sent deep into the forest to face the witch, Baba Yaga.