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List Bedtime Age 7-12

Two little girls visit a witch, and ask her if they can stay together forever...
Angel is given a doll for her 12th birthday. But there is something creepy about her...
When a Princess is caused by a spell to be as light as air, a Prince discovers the way to make her happy.
A little leaf is afraid to fall to the ground, but comes to find comfort in the cycles of life.
A fearsome ogre violently destroys the young men in a village, until he meets his match.
Meena notices that single-use masks are hurting turtles, so she learns to make cloth masks.
A Prince goes on a quest with some talented friends to save his Princess.
Ali Baba discovers a wonderful cave of riches... but will the forty thieves discover him?
A young prince battles the Norka and wins the love of a Princess.
Clever Gretel loves good food and enjoying life, and her quick thinking will keep it that way!
A beggar discovers a wonderful secret treasure hidden under Brittany's sacred stones.
A princess is stolen from her castle but meets a wonderful sheep.