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List Bedtime Andersen Fairy Tales

The classic Hans Christian Andersen fairytale of a soldier who comes upon riches and a tinder-box...
A beautiful story of a much loved Grandmother who dies, by Hans Christian Andersen.
A Prince offers a Princess gifts that she refuses.
A sick boy goes on a magical adventure of the imagination...
An emperor is fooled by two tailors, who pretend to make him an invisible suit.
The classic Hans Christian Andersen tale of a Little Mermaid, and what she will do for love.
A little fir tree in the forest wishes he was grown - until he is grown.
Five peas in a shell discover their destinies...
A little boy helps an old lady carry her bucket - and goes on a wonderful geography adventure.
A sister loses her twelve brothers, who are turned into swans. Will she risk her own life to save them?
The Sunshine tells stories about all whom she has shined upon.
A Chinese Emperor coves a nightingale - but then discovers a more beautiful one made of gold.