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List Bedtime Chinese Fairy Tales

A big boy tricks a little boy into giving him his cake by comparing it to the moon.
A deceitful man called Wang is punished when he steals a duck from his neighbour.
A boy called Bamboo helps a turtle escape a temple, and goes on a big adventure.
A strange tale about a sick girl, her loving father and a doctor dog.
A family of human-ogres shows strength in the difficulties they face being both.
Two jugglers create an astonishing trick for an emperor - but was one delicious peach worth it?
Rose of Evening is beautiful and kind, but what is she keeping secret?
A tiger kills an old woman's son - but finds ways to make amends.
A cranky old man decides to become a fish and loves it - until he starts to get hungry.
Molo goes to great lengths to help others and become a sword hero.
Giauna is beautiful but also kind, and can heal the sickness of others.
A poor woman is given a miraculous golden beetle... Starting the war of dogs and cats.