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In day-to-day lives, students have to deal with different kinds of writing tasks. Some of them are completely different from each other. It’s easy to tell the difference between a research paper and a descriptive essay. However, the difference between short story and narrative essay may not be easy to differentiate. They may seem to have a lot of things in common because in both cases, you tell a story. Well, the truth is that these two types of assignments are not as similar as they seem.

Usually, the term “narrative” is used when we talk about different kinds of writing styles, including essays, novels, and short stories. Different kinds of writing, however, are associated with different narratives. A narrative essay tells a true story or a real-life experience. In contrast, a short story requires you to come up with a fictional plot and characters. 

difference between short story and narrative essay
difference between short story and narrative essay

Understanding the distinctive features of different kinds of narratives enables you to improve your writing skills and to choose the right approach for each type of assignment.

If you’re struggling to understand the difference between these writing assignments, you can use some help from a company that specializes in writing academic papers like that. LegitWritingServices may help you choose a popular essay writing service among dozens of different options and find a writer for your narrative essay in minutes. But if you want to know the difference, write it yourself or improve your understanding of different writing styles,  just read on.

Short Story vs. Narrative Essay

basically consist of the same elements. Both narrative essays and short stories should have a

closer look at the

on fiction. When writing narrative essays, you can rely on your personal experiences and facts from real life. Short stories require you to use your imagination, making

is presented in the very first paragraph, within the introduction. According to the UNC, the thesis statement represents the main idea of the entire essay. When writing narrative essays, your thesis

that ties together different events. In a short story, you may illustrate the impact of love, fear, loss, or

characters or, in most cases, the main character. In contrast, short stories enable you to choose any perspective you like. You can still use

structure as well. When writing a short story, you can leap right to the middle of the action from the

described in the essay and present your thesis statement. After this, you should write the main body, describing events in a logical or chronological order. The main body itself should be well-structured,

At the same time, a narrative essay is based on real events and therefore it can also

can also teach your audience a lesson, but you won’t achieve

choose the right approach when dealing with each of these assignments. Make sure that you clearly understand the format


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