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List Bedtime Middle Eastern Stories

The Buried Treasure ~ Folktale Bedtime Stories for Kids
The Most Valuable Treasure: The Tale of the Three Sons ~ Folktales
The Three Princes ~ Folktales Short Story for Kids
The Search for Two Grains of Sand ~ Folktales Stories for Kids
Ali and the Merchant of Baghdad ~ Folktale Stories for Kids
A Turkish Judge Story ~ Folktales Stories for Kids
A Twist of Fate: The Tale of the Wizard Khizr ~ Folktales Stories for Kids
An English Story for Kids Learning to Read. How can Birbal tell who the thief is? With a clever plan, of course!
A Folktale Story of Brotherly Love from Israel. A rare folk tale about the love and generosity of two brothers. This tale has both Hebrew and Arab derivation.