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List Bedtime North American Stories

The Girl and the Chenoo Monster ~ Canadian Folktale Legend Stories
Sapana and the Birds of Prey ~ Folktales Stories for Kids
The Long Winter Story ~ Folktales Stories for Kids
The talking eggs of a magical old woman can bring fortunes- or not.
A story of creative thinking and working together from Canada.
Fable Short Stories for Kids: The fable is a fictional story meant to teach a moral lesson. See what lesson about the nature of perception Mark Twain is trying to show us.
A scar-faced youngest of three daughters seeks a warrior’s heart.
Overnight, a magic rock, El Capitan, raises a boy and girl who had fallen asleep on top of it.
A Story of Friendship, Hospitality and Sharing, from the United States. An old man invites the grizzly bear chief and his followers to a feast.
Bedtime Story for Kids: The Gift of the Magi, A Christmas Story. Della and Jim wish to give each other the perfect Christmas present, but how will they come up with the money?