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This is the Nutcracker Story for kids. It was a Christmas Eve and Marie was waiting for Uncle Peter. It was a tradition for Uncle Peter to give Marie presents the night before Christmas. Uncle Peter got a funny looking nutcracker toy as her gift. Marie put the nutcracker in the cabinet carefully. That very night, Marie woke up to some strange noise. She saw a bunch of mice. There were countless mice running around. Even more shocking was the Mouse queen with seven heads.

soldiers rushed after him, shooting their guns and sugar canons. The nutcracker soon became surrounded by the mice. Marie threw her

what had happened the night before. However, no one believed her except Uncle Peter.

The queen mouse cast an ugly spell on the princess. The princess could only reverse the spell if she could break open the hardest nutshell. And that’s where The Nutcracker Prince came in. As soon

house. The Prince of Toy land was there at the door. Because of her genuine love, his curse had been lifted. He asked Marie to marry him. And

depiction for, “Nutcracker Story“. Watch


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