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This is the best Christmas story for kids. Oliver was an elf. He lived with his family in the North Pole. There were many elves in the Santa’s village, but Oliver was the littlest one. It was Christmas time and Oliver was excited. This year, he would discover his special job at one of Santa’s workshops. He just needed to visit each shop to see which one was the right fit.

At the toy workshop where his mom worked, Oliver tried to make cuddly teddy bears. But he got lost in the huge stuffing piles! “Oliver?” an elf asked. Oliver’s mom said, “I think you are too little for the toy workshop. Why don’t you try helping your dad at the bicycle workshop instead? Also read, The Little Christmas Tree.

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added wheels and seats and handlebars and bells. But the tools were very big for Oliver’s little hands.

to stir the cookie dough, he fell into the giant mixing bowl. “Oliver, look out!” one of the elves

wonderful pictures. “Can I help?” Oliver asked. “Of course!” the elves replied. But the inkpot was too deep and the stack of

he could do even if he was little. Then he heard a sound of hooves clattering at the

The reindeer’s mama gave her a gentle kiss. Dot was still too little. Dot was very sad. Oliver wanted to cheer her up. He dug in

the hardworking elves in the village. The littlest elf and the littlest reindeer filled the sleigh with

idea. “Oliver and Dot, with your big hearts and great Christmas cheer, won’t you be my very important helpers this year?” asked Santa. Oliver

best christmas story for kids, “The Littlest Elf“.


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