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List Bedtime Young Readers

Learn how to read the short and long 'a' sound with our free phonics book!
A child and her mother have a very busy day at the markets.
Learn to read the 'e' sound in this fun free phonics reader.
Aunty Boi has sent Kopano and Rea a gift!
Nandi doesn't want to go to sleep... she wants to go on adventures!
What wondrous things happen when a girl plants a seed...
A brother and sister try their best to clean the house!
Pig is friends with a Gorilla who loves vanilla! Learn to read the letter 'i' with this free phonics early reader!
A little girl is worried she will forget her dance steps at a big concert.
A shower of arrows fall in the forest... who is attacking the forest? !
A boy thinks there is an alien in the house... but it's something very different!
As hungry as Tessel can get, there are some shapes he just can't eat!