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List Bedtime Young Readers

Learn how to read the short and long 'a' sound with our free phonics book!
Pepper makes preparations to win a potion competition, with a little help from her friend Carrot!
A wonderful picture book about individuality and self-confidence.
Hyena has lost his laugh and can't find it anywhere. Luckily there's a tickly monkey friend to help him find it !
Thato has a wonderful birthday surprise coming... what could it be?
A child and her mother have a very busy day at the markets.
Sindi can't wait to start school, and is encouraged by a friendly moon.
Tumi is scared of many things... but Mummy tells him there are so many people to help him.
Little fawn hurts himself on a boulder. You'll never guess what his mother suggests to feel better!
Rafiki has his own style, which goes in and out of fashion.
A little boy called Nicholas has a beautiful day with his family and friends.
There is so much fun to be had on an 'Inside Day' !